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Hardwood & Tile Cleaning in Spokane Valley, WA

Hardwood Floor - Hardwood & Tile Cleaning in Spokane Valley, WA
Our Hardwood Maintenance system properly cleans and provides a new protective coating to your floor. This process, if done regularly (and maintained by the homeowner using compatible products), will add beauty to your floor and value to your investment.

If you do not want to go through the process and time of sanding and resealing, the messiness, the odors, and the cost, then this is the way you want to go. This does not correct damage, it is a deep cleaning that is useful for people with children and pets that “use” their floors and want them clean.

Our company has used the “Basic Coating” system for several years on hardwood floors of all styles and ages and it has been very successful. The oldest floors we have cleaned have been over 100 years old!
We will move your furniture and then using a self-contained cleaning machine called the “Dirt Dragon”, we will “deep” clean your floor with green cleaning agents that will remove contaminants that cause your beautiful floors to look dull. More cleaning may be required depending on the amount of soil and/or wax build-up. The “Hardwood Floor Refinisher” (satin or gloss) is then applied. As an option, you can add a top coat called “Street Shoe” for an additionally hard finish. When we have completed the process, we can provide you with a cleaning kit from “Basic Coatings” which will help you maintain your beautiful floor more easily.
Beautiful Kitchen - Tile Floors Cleaning in Spokane Valley, WA
Tile cleaning is available for almost any surface that may be tiled in your home (which includes backsplash, countertops, walls, floors, showers, and tubs). The most common issues we face when it comes to tile cleaning is the ugly black or pink you see in the grout, hard water stains, or even a dull finish. Our specially designed equipment for floors, walls, and countertops (along with the “Stone Tech” cleaning products) will bring your dull, spotty, ugly tile back to life! We also seal grout and certain tile flooring such as slate. As a certified “Dupont” technician we use the “Stone Tech” cleaning and sealing system for granite countertops. With all of this, we are able to provide you with the proper products to help you maintain your freshly cleaned tile easily! Revitalizer is an all-in-one Cleaner and Protector from “Dupont” that is recommended for this use after the deep cleaning.

If you need tile or grout repair, we have recommendations of highly qualified contractors.