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AAmerican Cleaning Bob's Inc.
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Certified by: IICRC
Our Cleaning Method is Recommended by: the EPA, SHAW,
MOHAWK, BEAULIEU and other carpet manufacturers

AAmerican Cleaning Bob's is an IICRC Certified Firm since 1981, with two Master Textile Cleaners on staff.

Certification: Contractors Lic. #AAMERCB930DT
AAmerican Cleaning Bob's is a member in good standing with the INSTITUTE OF INSPECTION, CLEANING, AND RESTORATION CERTIFICATION, and has implemented an advanced training program and a course study leading to the certification of all On-Location Operators actively engaged in providing services to the consumer in both carpet and upholstery cleaning and restoration and has pledged their support in establishing and maintaining a professional attitude in the conduct of their daily business at all times and providing the consumer with the highest degree of professionalism possible.

Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certifications

Certifications held by members of our company:
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning
  • Journeyman Cleaning
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Odor Control
  • Carpet Repair and Reinstallation
  • Master Textile Cleaner
  • Color Repair
  • Stone, Masonry & Ceramic Tile Cleaning
We pledge to perform services in these areas with skill, honesty, and integrity in order to provide the consumer with the highest degree of professionalism possible.

IICRC/Clean Trust Rules


"Always a pleasure to do business with your organization! Rob is a real asset to your organization - Heal fast Rob!"

A. Wyatt
"Your men did an EXCELLENT job. They stretched my living room carpet and cleaned everything I needed cleaned. The carpets look great!!! Wonderful job!"

Yvonne Snell
"Thank you for coming so quickly and doing such a great job! Both the office and technicians were courteous and informative."

D. Graham
"Technicians were courteous and informative. Excellent and appreciated them dealing with our icy driveway!"

C. Carey
"The Technicians and office staff were courteous and informative. You know Robbie, he is great!"

F. Rowe
Sharry S"Perfect - Great Job!!"

Enid S
"I love the service from Bob's"

Jacque S
"I can trust Rob and know the job will be completed efficiently and professionally."

Joann B
"Derek was punctual (actually early). He ran yards of pipe line to floor 4 wasting no time! He was meticulous and obviously proud of his work."

Claire Carter
"This is company was a joy to work with. We were worried that our big flowered rug was going to be lost. You were wonderful for holding it for so long!
Thank you!"

Laurie Kane
"The Technicians and Office staff are courteous, informative, and I am satisfied. Rob is always very customer oriented and knowledgeable.
Thank you ! "
Karen Warrick
"The Technicians and Office staff are courteous, informative, and I am satisfied. We were very pleased with the work Rob and Assistant did. Our rug looks great. For any type cleaning we will call you and recommend you to our friends.!
Thank you!"

Pat Koentopp
"The Technicians and Office staff are courteous, informative, and I am satisfied. So easy to do business with and a great job!
Thank you !"

Liz Grunte
"All Technicians and Office staff were courteous, informative and I was very satisfied with the work performed."

St. John Vianney Church
"Very Satisfied with Rob's work with the bonded insert."

St. John Vianney
"They did a great job on the tile and grout and the hardwood floors."

Sharry S.
"Very excellent job in stretching. Will call back in future to stretch basement. Very pleased with our service and will only use AACB."

Yvonne S.
"Very happy and pleasantly surprised that the lipstick came out of the chair!"

Neal B.
"Beautiful job on the sheers and draped! Very pleased."

Karyna H,
"The vertical blinds are great!!"

Joan J.
"He got all the stains out!"

Nancy D.
I have been a long time customer and have always been happy with the finished product. Thanks!

Kelly O
They did a great job! (carpet clean)

Kate B
Very Well! Rob is just as nice as could be and Drew is just as efficient as Rob. (carpet clean)

Sally M
Thank you! The restretch looks great! (carpet clean & restretch)

Heather B
Love it! Went really, really good. Guys were wonderful. Very pleased. Neighbors were surprised at how bright and great the carpet looks. Will definitely use AACB again. Happily referring us! (carpet clean and restretch)

Carole C
Drew did a great job! Didn’t take him too long. He was sweet and courteous! (carpet clean)

Mary R
Very pleased with the job. Carpet looks great. Rob was very courteous and polite. (restretch)

Earlene E
Rob was perfect as usual. (carpet clean)

Pamela C
Great. Absolutely wonderful! (carpet clean)

Dia M
Great job as usual (carpet clean)

Ken & Ruth S
Drew did a great job! (carpet clean)

Marcy T
Everything went well! (carpet clean)

Don L
Very Well! Carpet looks nice.

Glennavon M
Did great! Very Happy! He couldn’t even see where Rob did the insert! Will call us in the future with any cleaning needs! (restretch and bonded insert)

Shig F.
Technician and staff were courteous and informative. (carpet clean)

Anne Marie L.
Drew was incredible. Thank you. Definitely going to recommend us. So pleased. Drew was over the top and went above and beyond. AACB was reasonably priced! (upholstery clean)

Lynnelle P.
Very pleased with results of floor and rug cleaning. Great crew who did the job – professional and polite. (Area Rugs and Hardwood clean)

Scott M.
They did a great job! Super work! Very impressed and pleased. (carpet clean)
Barbara L.
Chairs look like new!
Mary Lou M.
Rob got most of the red finger nail polish out of the white carpet. I am very happy!
Kathy T.
Rob did a great job! Will call again next year! (carpet clean in travel trailer)
Pat T.
Nice job! Very Happy! Basement looks good! (carpet and tile clean)
Karen F.
Drew was very professional. He also helped me with a stain in our basement that we were puzzled about what was causing it. (carpet clean)
Kris S.
Great job! (restretch)
Bernard T.